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Aragonite Quarry 

"American Stone is proof that the American dream is alive and well. In the 1950s, a man named Walter Thomas had a dream to start a quarrying business, and generations later, his legacy still lives on in his family. 

Elizabeth Thomas, Executive Assistant at American Stone, recently spoke to Green Touch Hub about the business. Her husband Tyler’s grandfather, Walter, began the quarrying business over 60 years ago with his sons, Lon and Evan Thomas. Elizabeth’s father-in-law, Lon Thomas, is currently the President and owner of American Stone.

“Basically, Walter was job-hopping in Idaho, trying to find something he enjoyed that could also make enough money to provide for his family. He had been a farmer, but farming just wasn't working out well. At some point, a friend got him interested in quarrying. This was over 60 years ago, sometime in the 1950s in southern Idaho. Walter would work during the week, then spend his weekends and vacations quarrying stone with his family. Lon has literally been quarrying since he was old enough to pick up a rock. The quartzite they quarried was sold to American Stone, a company they later purchased,” Elizabeth said.

Strength Through Adversity

A string of tragic events left the family facing challenges that seemed insurmountable. Tragedy struck a few years later. Walter’s son, Evan, died in an accident at a quarry in Utah.

The grieving family suffered yet another blow shortly after the loss of their son.

“About a year after that, Walter was in an industrial accident that left him with severe brain damage and nearly paralyzed. Lon and his wife, Beverley, were left to take care of the entire company by themselves. They had two young children at the time, but between Lon's stone knowledge and Beverley's accounting background, they made it work,” Elizabeth explained.

“It is a business that started in hard times and continued to push through poverty and tragedy, no matter what. Lon's personal motto is that if he can work hard enough, smart enough and long enough, he can do anything,” Elizabeth went on to say.

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